Saturday, May 10, 2014

Boo's Update

 [Editor's Note: As many of you know, Boo is recovering from injuries due to a fall last month. She's making great strides in her recovery, and emailed us this update.]

The sun is shining bright down here at the Rehab Center where I am getting all strong and ready for the Pony Farm Reunion weekend in June...and for Pony Farm's 43nd summer of favorite time of year....I am calling my physical therapy Boot Camp and applying every smile and muscle to get better and get back to the farm I LOVE...and you all!!!

I am soooooo sad to miss the Pony Farm Gathering in Natick tonight.  I shout out a thanks and a 'love you' to John and Anet for hosting this fun evening for us.

 I HOPE lots of you show up to celebrate the farm and our 'farm family'.  This was such a super evening last year that I am just so sad to miss it. I will be there in spirit and will be toasting you from afar.  Maybe you all could call me sometime during that night. It would be sooooooooooo fun to hear your voices and make missing it a little easier.  Do take a look at the website for address and details.  Here's to PF Strong!

My entire goal is to get back to the farm and fit & firm for the Pony Farm Reunion weekend (June 6-8). It is so fun seeing the attendee list building...I hope lots more of you join us for this fun weekend of "Grown Up Camp Fun"!!!! Be in touch with Kris and join us for a full weekend of farm, friendship and good cheer.

However, the thing I am long time most excited about it having camp get started. We have a super full camp with great horses and wonderful staff. We could be ready to open tomorrow. With the upgrades to the lodge and the new rings and fencing, the farm is in tip top shape.

One of the other exciting things is that we really worked hard this winter to create a full curriculum for each riding group. Andi and I divided up both the riding, horsemanship and stable management skills that we hope each level can achieve during each girls' stay with us.  We are just concluding with lesson plans, games, activities and obstacle or jumping courses to hone each mounted skill in  a fun, interesting and creative way.  We want to be known as a specialty riding camp that has top flight teaching staff and horses.  We are shooting to have each camper's riding instructor be delighted with the progress she has made when she goes home to her barn.

We have spent hours on this and we will be presenting the results on the Pony Farm pages on our website and on the Opening Day of camp for each session. We will also feature the proud results of each group's progress on the final riding exhibition demo for each session.  We want our parents to be thrilled with the riding and horse ability of their daughters.

So....with lots of time on my hands as I wait for the next therapy session, please email me ( and give me your news. I am hungry for news 'of the outside world.'  Hearing from people definitely keeps my spirits bright and happy.

With much fondness, good cheer and a big smile,