Monday, July 2, 2012

Riding in Roxy's Posse

Me and my girl, Roxy
I told you last week about Dusty, my first lesson horse at Touchstone Farm. He was a quiet, genial soul, just right for a complete beginner. These days, I ride a sturdy little American Quarter Horse named Roxy.

At 19 years old, Roxy is a beloved mainstay of Touchstone Farm:
Touchstone Farm is full of well-loved horses, but Roxy’s fan club is particularly large and active. I can’t put Roxy’s star quality into words, but she surely has it. 

Roxy and Winter Keeler
team up for a Horse Power
lesson during black fly season
For example: Last summer, I shared Roxy with whichever Pony Farm camper was riding her each week. Each time I arrived for my lesson, before I could take Roxy, an entire receiving line of campers had to give her a pat, a hug, and a kiss on the nose. Seriously, this happened every week.

This summer, Roxy isn’t on the roster for camp horses. However, she pinch hits when camp needs a rock-solid horse for swimming or overnight camp-outs on the trail. I am sure that by August, a whole crop of 2012 campers will be life members of the Roxy fan club.

I SO want to swim with Roxy!
I’m just as smitten. Some days, I drop by the farm simply to scratch Roxy’s ears for a few minutes. She is very fond of ear scratches, and being in her company is guaranteed to improve my day.

So, to sum up: Roxy = trusted + talented + beloved

If this were a soap opera, Roxy would be just the sort of good character who turns out to have a mysterious Evil Twin. This twin would look just like Roxy but she sure wouldn’t act like Roxy. 

Well, as it happens … but that’s another story. Tune in next week for the tale of Roxy’s Evil Twin.

See you around the farm,

Kathy McDonald
Rider and Volunteer at Touchstone Farm


  1. Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts. One of my daughters rode Roxie during summer camp...and yes, she is loved!

  2. Replies
    1. Pune, yes indeed! Check out the latest on Roxy:

  3. CoCoMag - I knew there were more Roxy fans out there! Thanks for your comment.