Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Say hello to Ted and Bill.
On a working farm, every animal has a job to do. Just as we think carefully before adding human staff, we also deliberate carefully before adding to our animal “staff.” 

But sometimes, we make exceptions. 

Last week, the farm got an emergency call about farm animals who needed a new home where they could immediately receive proper care and attention. 

Bill filling up on fresh hay
Boo and Kris Young visited these animals and made an on-the-spot hiring decision: Bill the goat and Ted the sheep were coming to Touchstone Farm.

The two buddies now share a box stall in the outside barn while they await some vet care and neutering. Eventually, they’ll join Morgan the sheep and Kiwi the goat in the small animal barn and paddock. 

The farm cannot usually take on rescue animals. But, like Bill and Ted, they sometimes come our way. Kris once found 80 (80!) chickens abandoned by the side of the road. She found homes for 77, and kept three laying hens for the farm.

Thundercat supervising during
the National Day of Service
This summer, Thundercat showed up one day and appointed himself Head Greeter. 

Thundercat, so named because his coat is the color of thunderclouds, was a big hit with Pony Farm campers and instructor training candidates of the Horse Power Instructor Training School. He patrols the property, introduces himself to everyone he meets, and escorts them to their destination. 

For now, Bill and Ted are luxuriating in their deep bed of clean shavings and are eating and drinking their fill. We’re looking forward to seeing them put on weight and shed the traces of previous neglect.

Ted is just as sweet as he looks.
Both are very friendly. We think they’ll be excellent in their jobs on the small animal team and can’t wait till they’re ready for “work.”

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