Thursday, August 8, 2013

Session 5A

Dear Parents,

Where to start!!!!!!! We have been so busy.  The weather has been a little chilly in the morning!  But it is classic NH.  If you wait 15 minutes, the weather will change.  Your children are a delight to have around!  I have really enjoyed getting to know them.

We have had lessons, carriage driving, and vaulting on Gruffy (our Clydesdale). We have had pony spa.  We have as an afternoon activity, Mini – Loving.  We gave them extra kisses and hugs, and brushes and baths! And soooo much more!

Today we had riding lessons in the morning and this afternoon we are practicing our specialties for you on Saturday. The campers have signed up for Vaulting, Driving, Puissance, Courses (Big and Little).  We were hoping to swim with the horses today, but the weather was a little bit of an issue so we are going to try again tomorrow!  Your children have just been so great!!!

We have played Bag Skits, Fashion Show, Personal Scavenger Hunter (my favorite game) and tonight we are going to sit around the fire and listen to Boo Stories!!  The campers can’t wait!  So as you can tell, we have been busy, hence why I haven’t written more.  Can’t wait to see some of you on Saturday!



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  1. So nice to see that all is going well, even without us there! ENJOY the rest of your summer :)