Friday, December 7, 2012

Notes from a Pony Farm Mom, Part 2

Leah and Victoria Lesser
Guest blogger and Mom of a first-time Pony Farm camper, Leah Lesser wrote earlier about what she learned from her daughter Victoria's first time at camp. This time, she's got some tips for other Pony Farm parents.

Hi Pony Farm family! I’m back to share three things that Pony Farm parents may expect when their daughter returns home from camp:

Dirt: It's a good thing!
  1. Dirt. Lots of it. Everywhere. I just unloaded the washing machine and laughed out loud when I saw grass blades and wood chips at the bottom of the drum. Yep. Welcome to Pony Farm laundry! Hot water works wonders.
  2. Stories. Lots of them. If your child isn’t very forthcoming with Pony Farm stories, here are a few questions that may help. Give her some time, and she’ll share as the days go by:
    • What was it like when everyone went to their bunk to go to sleep? This is how we learned that the girls in her bunk all said goodnight to each other. Ah. My heart was warmed.
    • What was your favorite meal? Snack? Aha. Our girl learned to like granola bars. Awesome. A new snack for the upcoming school year!
    • What made you laugh? How about that Pony Farm Model night, sounds like fun!
    • When did you use the bug spray? This is how we learned all about the counselor quest game at night, and the delights of the ice cream trough.
    • Dress code for barn chores: casual.
    • What did you do first when you woke up in the morning? This is how we discovered that morning barn chores are done in pajamas!
  1. If she wakes up early, stumbles to look for a lead line and heads outside to the non-existent pasture, guide her gently back to bed and know that she had an amazing Pony Farm experience!

How soon can you come back?
Thank you, Leah, for your eloquence and advice. We hope to see you and Victoria in 2013!

PS: The Open House for Pony Farm Summer Camp 2013 is coming up fast! Join us on January 6, 2013 at Touchstone Farm. Details are on our website.

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