Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from Boo

Happy New Year to you!!!

Come dash through the snow at Touchstone Farm this winter!
I genuinely hope that 2013 brings you much good health, happiness and joy. As I say my goodbyes to the Holidays, filled with so much wonderful family and so many terrific friends, I welcome in the coming year with great excitement.

I sincerely hope to see YOU soon and often! Whether you come to our Pony Farm Open House, sign up for riding lessons, or come to our Sleigh Rally, our clinics or workshops, the camp gatherings in your area, Family weekends or our horse shows, I am eager to greet you with gusto. Better yet, come on a carriage drive or sleigh ride with me.

I would love to share my love for the farm with you. I look forward to being together and celebrating life. Stay well and be in touch.

Happy New Year’s Day,

Carriage rides are a Touchstone Farm specialty.

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  1. Looks heavenly, Boo! Where in NH are you located? I've often thought of moving there as it's such a pretty state. Looking forward to meeting you, soon, at the CAA regional conference! --- Phyll