Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesdays with Boo

Mike & Ben are READY to get back to work.
I was so delighted to see everyone at the Open House for our spring lesson programs. Having everyone enjoying the farm and being together after this long, long winter, made my week. It is such a joy to stand at the barn door to greet old and new friends.

I don't need the ground hog to tell me that spring is on its way. Seeing all those bright and shining faces, eager to get on a horse, ushers in spring for me!

It has been many years since I have been this excited about the coming season and all the fantastic things that are happening at Touchstone, Pony Farm and Horse Power. We are truly 'on a roll' and 'on the move'. With such great staff, horses and the facility upgrades, it is a pleasure indeed to show people around.

Two weeks ago, we had a terrific group of folks who gathered to learn how to start their own programs for therapeutic riding. Being able to inspire them with what our team has accomplished over 42 years was moving indeed. How did I get so blessed to be surrounded by such a great team...and so much for look forward to in life.

I hope you are as energized as I am...and will come soon to visit to share the energy of the farm and the birth of springtime. Until then, stay well and know that the farm gates are always open for YOU!

With a hug and a big smile,


Tuesdays with Boo

We love our strong fences!
The sun is shining. The snow is leaving. Spring is here (on the calendar at least!). It is such a please to stay connected while we wait for spring weather and the return of YOU, our beloved lesson students of all ages, abilities and walks of life…and then YOU, our Pony Farmers and Day Campers this summer.

I truly don’t know when I have been more jazzed about the happenings at the farm. Between the beautiful horses, safely corralled by our new fencing, and the ring surfaces prepared especially for riding and driving fun, and our terrific staff, board and supporters, I feel so very blessed.

Someone asked me just yesterday to envision my dream job and life. I said, without a moment’s hesitation, that I already had both. My dreams have come true. I wake up every day to eagerly get back to making Touchstone, home of Pony Farm and Horse Power, thrive and bloom. Having you all as ‘farm family & friends’ sure makes the magic happen for me!!!

Ian on the AT
Alec on the slopes in CO
Speaking of magic, I had some at Disney World with Jamee and my two granddaughters…What a time we had, followed with a delightful trip down to the start of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia with son Ian who has begun his life’s adventure of a 2,000 plus hike to Maine, with its own blend of “Trail Magic”.

Then, to visit Ella in her glorious NYC Park Avenue apartment, living the exciting life in the Big Apple, only return home to see the pictures of Alec who has been out West skiing. Who could ask for anything better???

May magic be winging its way to you, bringing goodness and light into your life. Also, may the road lead you to the gates of Touchstone Farm. The Welcome mat is always out and magic is happening indeed!



Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tuesdays with Boo

[Editor's note: Boo penned a quick "postcard" between two family trips. Once again, her chronologically challenged editor missed posting her message on a Tuesday.]

Many hands make light work at barn chores.
Just home from Disney World with my older daughter Jamee and the grand kids…and GRAND they are. I loved every minute of the time with them and at Disney. Am off tomorrow at 6AM to take Ian, my youngest son, to Georgia where he'll begin hiking the Appalachian Trail.

It is so great to see my own children work hard, play hard, plan hard and parent well. Ella, my younger daughter, who has built a successful life for herself in New York City, says she learned everything she ever needed to know during barn chores at Pony Farm.

Ella remembers asking “What more can I do?” Happily all my kids, and even better, my grandkids now ask “What more can I do?” What a great and simple motto for life!

Carriage driving and team work go hand-in-hand.
As I think about four generations on the farm…and “What more can I do” while loving the farm…and all it stands for, I smile. What could be better!?! I feel so fortunate and so blessed not only to have such a great family, but to have such a wonderful extended “Farm Family”!

The feeling of doing it right and making every "cast member" count feels very similar to what Walt Disney felt about his beloved dream. Great adventure, excellent value for one’s hard earned dollar, a sense of belonging, all the while taking care of the world we live in and love. What could be better?

I hope you will come see us soon…and be part of our most wonderful Farm Family. We are “Keeping the Light On" for YOU!!!


A horse show day at Pony Farm!
P.S. We welcome you to the farm any time, but if you think you need a reason, how about joining us for the Family Spring Fling weekend in April or the Pony Farm Alumnae weekend in June? We've also got summer horse shows scheduled - check out the farm calendar for all our doings!

P.P.S. If you're local, stop by on March 15 for our Spring Lesson Open House. Even if you're just there to say "hi," we would love to see you!