Monday, July 14, 2014

OAPF - Battle of the Boy Bands

Dear Camp Families,

In my last post, I told you we are too busy having fun for me to write. Now I will try to make up a little by explaining another OAPF (Only at Pony Farm) activity.

You might have heard us mention Battle of the Boy Bands. While that's a weird phrase for an all girls riding camp, it is in fact a really fun game, which naturally we made up.

It goes like this ...

1.  We divide the camp into 6 teams based on campers' riding experience, so that each team has a variety of riding experience among teammates. 

2.  Each team comes up with a Boy Band name for their team.  This year's names are Green Day, Maroon 5, Plain White T's, Jackson 5,  NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys. (Sometimes "boy band" is a term we use loosely.)

3.  During their session, Boy Band teams can accrue points for about 10 different events.  These include Personal Scavenger Hunt, a Hunter Pace, Stable Management, Counselor Quest, Capture the Flag, Talent Show, Fashion Show, Gymkhana Games,and  Pony Farm's Next Top Model.

Session 3 Leaderboard for the Battle of the Boy Bands - NSYNC has the edge!

4. Each Boy Band team has a signature item that they wear during an eligible event in the competition. This might be a blue bandanna, a green shirt, a white shirt, a red ribbon tied in their hair, etc

5.  We host a final awards night - with a dance off!  Each Boy Band prepares a song (sung by their Boy Band) and dance for the award ceremony.  We award prizes!

Battle of the Boy Bands: a lot of fun, very silly, and - did I mention? - a lot of fun!



PS In case you're curious, Wikipedia defines "boy band" here. Strangely enough, the definition doesn't mention Pony Farm!

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