Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pony Farm Session 3 - A True Confession

Dear Camp Families,

True confession...I have been too busy having fun and hanging out with your wonderful children to write.  It is a rough life I lead, I know!

We have been busy and the weather has been amazing. (You really couldn't ask for better weather!)

We have been going on Trail Rides, Personal Scavenger Hunts, Catch Riding, Vaulting, Carriage Driving, Trips to the Falls and more.
Yup, another Shipwreck Dinner! (Remember that?)

The worm - during Personal Scavenger Hunt
(not sure I could explain this if I tried!)
And then there are horse friends and human friends, happy together!

Now do you understand why I haven't written?


Co-Camp Director

P.S. Maybe I haven't been writing, but I have been posting lots of photos on Facebook! You can check out the first batch here:

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