Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flash Mob!

Flash mob – that was our surprise for the 40th anniversary!  The whole camp did a flash mob to Lean on Me, which is a classic Pony Farm song.  It was really neat! ( I told you I would tell you what the surprise was.)
The 40th Anniversary was beautiful!  All the campers and the staff worked really hard on their specialty and to make the farm sparkly.  Boy did it sparkle!  I am sure Boo will write more about the 40th!  She can do it better justice than I can.
On Sunday we spent the day by the pool!  There were arts and crafts, tie dying, small animals, summer reading, and practicing for the talent show!  It was a great, restful afternoon, after such a busy Saturday.
On Monday we went swimming with the horses!  It is a real treat and not something you can do just anywhere!  Although all horses can swim; some are better swimmers and enjoy the water more than others!  Half the camp went in the morning and the other half went in the afternoon.  If campers weren’t swimming with the horses, then they were doing horse show entries, talking about the horse show and what to expect, and gathering the proper clothing.
This afternoon the activities are catch riding, vaulting, the pool, playing with the minis, a field trip to Budweiser to see their amazing barns and Clydesdale, and then one of our riding groups is going to an away horse show tomorrow, so they will be getting ready.  This will be the first time in several years we have done an away show at camp.  We want to start with a small group of campers and horses, and be successful there and then expand and offer it to more campers.  The show is 2 towns away in New Ipswich NH.  The name of the farm is Furnace Brook.  This barn comes to our show, and being in a small horse community, we want to support them and be in their show.
As you can see we are staying busy!

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  1. Saturday was Amazing! We enjoyed every moment, especially the Flash Mob - it was truly awesome :)