Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, July 6th

Hi Camp Families!
We have been busy having fun with the kids thus we haven’t had time to blog, our apologies!
Yesterday was fabulous.  The girls went on a hunter pace, which is basically a trail ride of staggered, strategically planned riding groups.  Each group had a range of riders and riding ability, they also had a group captain (who has been on the hunter pace before) who controlled the pace (which was as fast as the most in experienced person felt comfortable riding).  Staff was placed at checkpoints in their cars and asked trivia questions as the groups went by.  Group one was the fastest group and answered the most trivia questions correctly and enjoyed a prize of Connolly Brothers’ ice cream after dessert last night! Most importantly, all campers were safe and had a blast!
Yesterday’s afternoon activities were great, my favorite was the trip to the falls!  15 campers and 5 staff (one is a lifeguard) went to swim in the waterfalls in Wilton, how fun!
Last night’s activity was counselor quest, where all of the counselors hid around the property with a designated point system in place. For example, the counselor who has been staff the longest was worth 1000 point and could be caught only once while the staff here the shortest was worth 500 points and could be caught 5 times.  Campers were in their hunter pace groups for this activity because they had so much fun together yesterday am!
This morning is going well, the kids have finished their morning ride and are preparing for afternoon activities.  Tonight, we are doing a camping trip up the road with the minis and 14 campers have signed up!  The rest of the campers will do an afternoon activity here such as puissance or gambler’s choice and their evening activity will be Fashion Show!  Fashion Show is a classic PF evening activity.  The girls work with their rooms to get dressed up and role play a genre (celebrities, jocks, etc) to music while the rest of the camp guesses their genre!
I’ll be emailing information on Saturday’s festivities today.  We will also post the email to the blog on Friday.
Off to afternoon activity I go!


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  2. Thank You Carrie!!
    We truly enjoy reading the Blog and love hearing how much fun everyone is having!
    Thanks for showing our girls a wonderful
    time! Hugs to All - See you on Saturday!
    Lynn & Marty Wasilewski :)