Friday, June 20, 2014

Pony Farm Session 1 - Friday Already??

Dear Camp Families (Especially Session One Families!),

Thank you for entrusting your children to us! We have a had a wonderful session! Thank you for doing your job as parents, because you have terrific kids (for real, not for fake), and thank you for letting us as a camp do our job.

Terrific kids such as these three! (P.S. They clean up well.)
I am sad to see this group depart, but I am thankful  they are the way we started our summer.

I think your girls have learned a lot in this one week, and I hope you notice the changes as well.  Here are a few things that I think they will take away from camp this week.

Perseverance - when your counselors hid really well during counselor quest.  The group that stays together as a team, works as a team, and looks for the counselors until the horn blows will win.  The group whose members give up quickly because it is hard won't find the counselors.

Winning isn't everything. You won't always win every game and that's ok.  The important part is you tried your best.

Great things can come from putting down the cell phones, TVs,  iPods, laptops, iPads and everything in between.  Those great things are called nature, horses, sunshine, friends, and so much more!   

Driving lessons with Boo & George, AKA "learning how to fly with Peaches"
From my perspective, these girls have a lot more confidence in themselves.  I hope you notice these changes and more in your children when you take them home tomorrow.   For these reasons and more, camp is so important. 

Newest members of the Gruffy fan club!
All of us are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Your girls have worked hard at their riding lessons and their “specialty,” and they are so excited – WE are so excited – for you to see what they’ve accomplished.



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