Monday, June 16, 2014

Pony Farm Session 1 is Off to the Races!

Dear Pony Farm Camp Families,

Roxy was up bright and early
this morning too!
First, your girls are fabulous!  What a lovely, outgoing, polite group of kids!  There was no home sickness last night as everyone got ready for bed, a sure sign of a great session.  Naturally some of them had a hard time staying quiet until 7:30 this morning.  (But really, who can blame them? I would have a hard time, too!)

It is a gorgeous day here in southern NH.  The sun is out, and it is a little cool. But it's going to warm up in time for swim tests this afternoon. Jordan Reynolds, our Barn Manager, is also a certified life guard. She takes care of swim tests on the first day to make sure everyone can be safe in the pool -- and when swimming the horses, which happens later this week!

Meeting at the big red rock for barn chores
This morning the campers are working on barn chores, and then we will have breakfast.  After breakfast, the girls will get dressed to ride and clean their rooms.  Yes, you read that right. They clean their rooms here!  
We have too many moving parts not to try to stay organized, and that includes camper rooms.  I will tell you our secret to getting our campers to clean their rooms:  We have a competition for room clean up, and everyone in the cleanest room gets Connolly's ice cream.  (Some people may call this bribing, others might call it positive reinforcement.  I just call it smart.)

After they are dressed we will have a community meeting going over how the day will run!  Then we send them down to the barns to get tacked up and test out those ponies and horses!


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