Friday, June 27, 2014

Pony Farm Session 2 - Working for the Weekend

Dear Camp Parents,

We have been busy!

But first, I know that I left you hanging about Ship Wreck Dinner.  On a ship wreck dinner night, the campers don't get your typical spoons, forks, or knives.  Nopers!  They get ladles, funnels, serving spoons and tongs, and more outlandish implements.  We like to get creative!  Have you ever seen a camper eat mashed potatoes by sucking it with a funnel? Well, it is a hoot!

On Wednesday night, we played the Chocolate Game and Counselor Quest.  During the Chocolate Game, I always feel like a bit boss in a casino!  There are campers screaming with excitement, yelling for more chocolate bars, dice are being thrown, children are eating chocolate Hersey bars with spoons and socks on their hands, ... you know, typical camp stuff.  It is never a dull moment here!

We have been doing group riding lessons in the morning in anticipation of the show on Saturday morning.
Isa and Princess working on their technique

This week, painting jumps has been a popular choice on the afternoon activities list.
Painting jumps: It takes a village  summer camp.
This afternoon, we are washing ponies, cleaning tack, and polishing boots.  Tonight, we are having a cook out.  Boo is going to talk about show etiquette and possibly tell some "Boo stories." (O.A.P.F.!)

Cleaning Kiddo!
Cleaning tack in the upper barn
Cleaning boots on the porch
We hope to see some of you at the show. First classes are at 9:00. I know all of camp will be up bright and early.  It is a lot of work to get all the children and ponies ready to show!


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