Monday, June 23, 2014

Pony Farm Session 2 - Keeping Busy

Dear Camp Families,

Yay! We passed the swim test!
Session 2 of Pony Farm Summer Camp has started off with beautiful blue skies and amazing weather!  We haven't had a drop of homesickness, which is always nice.

After our trial rides this morning, we had 5 re-rides for the afternoon to make sure every girl is riding the best horse for her. 

During re-rides the rest of the camp take their swim tests and play with the small animals.  We stay pretty busy here at camp.  It is a little bit different than sitting at your desk at school.

Small animal parade
This evening we play bag skits.  It is a fun and funny game!  Each room of campers gets an empty bag and goes to their room and puts 10 items in the bag.  Then everybody comes back out, and we switch all the bags around.  The campers go back to their rooms to make up a skit using the items in the bag they were handed.

Everyone has a certain amount of time to make up their skit, and then it's showtime!  As I said, it is fun and funny - to pick the items in the bag, to figure out your skit, to see what another room did with your items.

Tomorrow night is shipwreck dinner. You just have to wait until next time to know how that one goes.


Co-Camp Director

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